Military Defense

Effective defense as you face court-martial, administrative actions, or investigations

With over 10 years of experience as a judge advocate (JAG) in the Marine Corps, Matthew Smith served in several different billets providing him with an in-depth understanding of each aspect of the military justice system. As a deputy staff judge advocate for 3d Marine Logistics Group in Okinawa, Japan, Matthew Smith advised general and special court-martial convening authorities (general, colonel, and lieutenant colonel commanding officers) on all aspects of military justice. In that capacity he reviewed and advised on dozens of Naval Criminal Investigation Service (NCIS) and Criminal Investigation Division (CID) investigations. He also reviewed and advised on dozens of Boards of Inquiry and hundreds of administrative separation packages. With this experience, Matthew Smith developed an innate ability to identify gaps in the investigations and procedural paperwork. As a company commander, responsible for the administrative supervision of more than 400 Marines aboard Camp Pendleton in California, Matthew Smith was able to participate in weekly legal meetings. During this time, Matthew Smith witnessed the behind the scenes aspects of the commanders’ decision making process and observe the many pitfalls could have been avoided had the accused just had a more proactive and competent defense attorney. As a criminal defense counsel for five years of his Marine Corps service, Matthew Smith put this experience to use in successfully defending complex cases at courts-martial, defending officers at Boards of Inquiry, and securing many favorable results for enlisted clients at administrative separation hearings. Matthew Smith was selected as a trial team leader at Camp Pendleton, the busiest military justice branch in the Department of Defense based on cases handled. After that tour, Matthew Smith was selected as the Officer-in-Charge for the Defense Counsel Assistance Program where he supervised the training of all the defense counsel in the entire Marine Corps.

Let Matthew Smith put his experience to work for you.

Matthew T. Smith Law's central Florida location in the Tampa Bay area means servicemembers at any number of Florida's many military bases such as MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Coast Guard Air Station Clearwater, Naval Air Station Jacksonville, U.S. Southern Command and Marine Forces South in Miami, and Patrick Air Force Base in Brevard, or Eglin Air Force Base have close access to a competent, proven military justice attorney to defend them against the threats and intimidation of commanding officers and military investigators. However, understanding that our nation's servicemembers are world-wide deployable, Matthew Smith will also travel anywhere in the world to represent servicemembers in courts-martial, boards of inquiry, or administrative separations.