Military Records Appeals

Fighting for you because you fought for us

Matthew Smith can assist active duty servicemembers, reservists, and veterans with applications to Discharge Review Boards and Boards of Correction for Military Records related to:

  • Characterization of Service Upgrade Requests
  • Reenlistment Codes
  • Retirement Grade Determinations
  • Adverse Performance Evaluations or Fitness Reports
  • Pay Issues
  • Promotion Issues

At the end of 2016, the Department of Defense announced “a renewed effort to ensure veterans are aware of the opportunity to have their discharges and military records reviewed” (announcement here). After serving over ten years as a judge advocate in the Marine Corps, Matthew Smith understands what a nightmare it can be to try to correct your military records. The military’s service secretaries are authorized by 10 U.S.C. 1552 to change any military record when "necessary to correct an error or injustice."  For the most part, these requests for correction are submitted using DD Form 293 or DD Form 149 and sent to your service’s Discharge Review Board or Board of Correction for Military Records. In certain circumstances you can seek redress from one board and then the other if the first board does not grant you your requested remedy. 

If you are an active duty servicemember, reservist, or veteran and believe that you rate a correction to your military records, please visit your service branch’s Board of Correction for Military Records or Discharge Review Board websites for more information on the process. Because the stakes are so high and the chances of success are low (the boards are looking for any mistake in the paperwork to toss out your request), it is incredibly important that you submit the strongest package possible. Matthew Smith can assist you in putting that package together in order to maximize your chances at a successful outcome.