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Testimonials and Reviews

"I was aggressively pursued against by my base commander. My command tried to get me separated from the military for allegedly 'defrauding the government.' When that failed they tried to give me an article 15. Matt was there to get that thrown out via UCMJ. When those options failed and my command tried to send me to a separation board as a final effort. Matt used his deep knowledge of the UCMJ to have that thrown out as well. Matt was hyper vigilant every step of the way. He was able to shield me from any and all reprimand that my command tried to unlawfully impose on me. I couldn't have asked for a better attorney and could never have come out of this as I did without the guidance of Matt Smith." - U.S. Air Force Client

"Matt Smith(or Sir as I still call him), is an exceptional lawyer. I highly recommend him for all your defense needs, despite him only listing three fields of practice. What he did for my family and I is immeasurable. I was one of his last clients while he was still in the Corps, and he was one of the first attorneys to believe in me, and it showed in his work with the way he fought day and night for me. Matt fought for me when i had little fight left. This man instills trust from the start and always has his eyes on the bigger picture and is never dishonest. Little background, I went through three lawyers for a major military trial and I lost badly. Spent over $26k just to get shafted, By the grace of God, and a great appeals attorney, I was awarded a new trial. Matt was highly recommended to represent me in the new trial and I'm forever grateful. Matt contacted me immediately, and impressed me with his due diligence. This man knew more about my record of trial and my issues than i did, and I was there. HA! Matt would consult with fellow attorneys he respected in the middle of the night if a new strategy popped in his head. He literally ate, breathed and slept my case. Never took a day off. Matt used to text me from vacation to remind of things we needed for my case. His preparation is tedious, his strategy is methodical, and his results are fantastic. But the results aside, I implore anyone who is facing insurmountable odds, or feeling hopeless about your situation to hire Matt. The money will be well spent. Sort of like an investment, you'll spend a reasonable amount of money to protect your name, financial security, and reputation.... His approach to my trial at first seemed unorthodox, but it was a brilliant strategy. His closing argument was something out of a movie I swear. He prepared me and my witnesses perfectly for trial and even got my ex-wife out there to speak on my behalf. Not saying this will be the case for you, but even after my trial he continued to fight. He pushed back against the command who tried to kick me out and give me a terrible discharge just because they didn't get the results they wanted at trial. He kicked their a**** as well btw. It didn't stop there, this man went to war with DFAS and won, to assure I didn't get screwed over.... Matthew Smith restored my faith in the military, in the law, and more importantly myself. I'm forever blessed to have had him represent me. I'd go to war with him any day. He embodies our credo, 'never leave a man behind.'" - U.S. Navy Client

"Mr. Smith was my defense attorney while I was facing some pretty serious aggravated assault charges. He visited with me while I was in pretrial confinement and kept me informed by explaining all my options as well as defenses. He performed great in the courtroom and I received significantly less punishment than the best deal the prosecution ever offered me in a plea deal. Even after the trial he remained engaged and ensured that my command didn't try to give me an other than honorable discharge. With Mr. Smith's help, I was able to separate from the Marine Corps with a general discharge which protected my benefits. If I was ever in trouble again, I would not hesitate to call Mr. Smith." - USMC client

"Thank you Captain Smith!!! If it was not for you my 8 years in the Marines would have easily gone down the drain and my character would have been dragged through the dirt. I highly recommend Matthew Smith. He will fight for you. He will exhaust all resources in order to ensure justice is served and that you are fairly treated. He truly embodies the Marine Corps values of honor, courage and commitment." - USMC client

"I was in a very delicate gray area of what my rights were and how to handle a situation with communicating with my chain of command aswell as other military resources, I was on the knife's edge of being court-martialed. Matthew took time out of his day time and time again to help advise and research my standings and provide not only knowledge but supportive as former Marine himself. During the course of the process I had an incredible amount of confidence and ease of mind , this came from the information consistently and accurately that Matthew provided and the the scenarios he correctly predicted and how to mitigate them when/should they present themselves. A true character of "hope for the best prepare for the worst" I felt ready to deal with the situation anyway the chips landed. I never had to go pass a 6105 and it boiled down to the advise I received of how to simply communicate with the Chain of Command+Staff Judge Advocates office from Matthew. If you are in any sort of trouble inside the UCMJ and I would bet any form of law Matthew practiced do not hesitate to call for the consultation, its free and you wont regret it." -USMC client

"Maj Smith is number one in my Major profile of 32 reports. I write this recognizing he is a relatively new Field Grade Officer, but after 26 years of service I know quality when I see it, and I see it in Maj Smith. Capacity for growth is unlimited." - Chief Defense Counsel of the Marine Corps

"Exceptional work ethic, but he makes it look effortless. Growth potential unlimited. Matt Smith is an officer to watch. In top third of captains of any MOS I have observed, and rising." - Staff Judge Advocate to the Commandant of the Marine Corps

"Matt is a leader among his peers, due to his prudent and thoughtful temperament, work ethic, character, and reliability. MRO's professionalism, maturity, reasonableness, and fortitude enable him to create options and choices not otherwise available to clients. He is very thorough when researching the facts and law. He is creative and innovative when presenting a case. Matt earned the praises of the military judges. MRO's courtroom advocacy is better than more experienced litigators." - Regional Defense Counsel - West Coast

"1 of 2 top Capts I've worked with in my 20 years.... Continued, sustained superior performance-the backbone of the 3DMLG OSJA for nearly two years, and indispensable to its mission accomplishment." - Staff Judge Advocate, 3d Marine Logistics Group

"He has excelled in a critical billet wherein he routinely provided first-rate legal advice on a myriad of cases and issues to the CG, senior commanders and MLG staff.... He continually exceeded my expectations and has earned my total trust and confidence. Unlimited potential - obvious future leader in the JA community."  - Chief of Staff, 3d Marine Logistics Group

Case Results

Air Force Airman First Class was charged with multiple counts of sexual assault against a woman he met on Match.com. She alleged that after returning to his apartment after their second date they engaged in sexual intercourse, but it became nonconsensual when he began to hit, bite, and choke her against her will. Tampa Police and Air Force OSI conducted a lengthy investigation culminating with four specifications of sexual assault. After a week long trial, the military members returned a verdict of not guilty on each of the four sexual assault specifications.

After telling his wife he wanted a divorce, a Marine Staff Sergeant's wife made sexual assault allegations against him. After an extensive investigation, the command opted to try and separate the Marine via administrative separation procedures rather than a court-martial. Despite a lower burden of proof at an administrative hearing, the Board found there was no basis for separation. Marine was retained and reached his end of activity service date a few weeks later--resulting in an honorable discharge.

Marine Private First Class charged with rape by force. After a weeklong, fully contested trial which included the playing of a two hour long audio recording of the alleged incident, the jury returned with a verdict of full acquittal.

Marine field grade officer sent to Board of Inquiry for allegations of adultery, BAH fraud, orders violations, and conduct unbecoming an officer. After a nearly yearlong process, the Board of Inquiry decided that several of the bases were met, but based on the defense's presentation of the history of the officer's service to the Marine Corps, the Board decided to separate with a General (under honorable) conditions characterization of service.

Navy Petty Officer Second Class was convicted of six counts of indecent acts and attempts, but 2.5 years later his case was overturned on appeal. Matthew Smith was retained as counsel for the retrial. At the retrial, Matthew Smith was able to secure dismissals or acquittals for all but two of the specifications. The resulting sentence was significantly less than the sentence from the original trial and did not include a punitive discharge. The command was irritated and attempted to administratively separate the Sailor. Matthew Smith was able to delay the board and the Sailor ultimately reached the end of his service obligation and separated from the Navy with an honorable discharge. Matthew Smith continued to fight for the client however, working with the Defense Finance and Accounting Service to secure for the client more than $65,000 in backpay entitlements.

Marine Corporal charged with aggravated assault and drunk and disorderly conduct after becoming intoxicated and cutting the neck of a Navy corpsman with an 8" knife. After refusing deals from the prosecution for an eight month confinement plea deal, Matthew Smith and his client contested the case at a jury trial. The jury convicted, but only sentenced the Marine to three months confinement, or time served.

Marine Lance Corporal charged with wrongful introduction of a controlled substance onto a military installation after military police discovered 40 ecstasy pills in his glove compartment. Prosecutor proposed plea bargain for three year confinement cap at general court-martial  which included a clause to cooperate with  the Drug Enforcement Agency. Matthew Smith and client refused the deal. Days later, Matthew Smith secured a summary court-martial with a waiver of administrative separation board which resulted in the client only serving 25 days in the brig.

Navy Hospital Corpsman taken to administrative separation board for drug abuse after 35 ecstasy pills were found in the center console of his vehicle after he helped drive his friend cross-country from Camp Pendleton to Texas. Matthew Smith successfully argued that the drugs were left in the console by the friend, unbeknownst to the client. After deliberating for less than fifteen minutes, the board determined there was no basis to separate and the Sailor was retained.

Marine Corporal notified of intent to administratively separate after he was discovered in his barracks room with a few other Marines smoking spice. Matthew Smith was able to convince the board that although the basis was met, the Corporal still had a lot to offer the Marine Corps. The Board decided to retain the Marine. That Marine went on to become the Marine of the Quarter for the unit and has since been selected for promotion to staff sergeant in the Reserves.

DISCLAIMER - These case results are past results achieved by Matthew Smith. Facts and circumstances differ in all cases. Prospective clients may not obtain the same or similar results.